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When contemplating any legal transaction, it is advisable to speak to legal counsel before signing anything. "Signing now and asking questions later" is never a good idea, especially when it concerns obligations you may have to "live with" later.

The following are just a few of the many questions you should know the answers to, before signing any document:

Residential Real Estate

  • If you are a Buyer
    • Should you sign a binder?
    • Should you have an engineering inspection performed?
    • What happens once your bid is accepted?
    • When should I apply for a mortgage?  Is it better to use a bank or a broker?
  • If you are a Seller
    • Should you sign a binder?
    • What is an "exclusing listing"?
    • Do you have to make repairs to your house?
    • What are my closing costs?

Commercial Real Estate

  • If you are a Buyer
    • Is the property occupied?
    • Are there existing leases?
    • If Multi-Family, is the property properly registered?
    • Can I assume the current mortgage to save on mortgage tax?
  • If you are a Seller
    • What are your liabilities to the Tenants?  
      • Are there Rights of First Refusal or an options to purchase?
    • What are your liabilities to the Buyers?
      • Are any rents unpaid?
      • Who controls the Security Deposits
    • Are there any outstanding violations that need to be cleared?
  • 1031 Like Kind Exchanges
    • How do they work?
    • Do they make sense for you?

 Commercial Leasing

  • If you are a Landlord
    • What are the Tenant's responsibilities?
    • What is a "triple net lease"?
    • What is a "good guy guaranty"?
  • If you are a Tenant
    • What are the Landlord's responsibilities?
    • Can a lease be cancelled if the property is sold?
  • Are you responsible for Real Estate Taxes / Water Charges? 

Corporate / Business Law

  • Formation of Corporations, LLCs and more:
    • What are your protections and liabilities with each corporate form?
    • What are the tax consequences?
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Operating Agreements
  • Participation Agreements

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